Day 4, 5, and 6 of 20 Day Beast Challenge!

I should be posting this every day, but I like doing a bulk of challenges in one day. It’s so so fun! Okay, let’s get right into it!

Day 4: The one that you want to be best friends with.

20120318_Hyunseung_lipsOh, I want to be best friends with Hyunseung. He looks like the type to have fun in the most weirdest places. I don’t know his character just looks fun.

Day 5: The one that you would want to shop with.

1349813217_NMJotQ1L_9trlalDongwoon. I thought of Beautiful Night and the outfits he had on just sealed the deal. I know they supposed to wear that, but I don’t think I would have been able to wear that. It was TOO out there…I guess the only reason why I want to shop with him is just to help him to pick out a decent outfit.

Day 6: The one that you would want to party with.

tumblr_lvkr3jfdzR1qd98vw Again, Hyunseung. Have you seen him dance? Especially to Trouble Maker? Yeah, he’s going to get some girls pregnant with his dance moves and I’ll be there to warn the girl before dancing with him. I’ll say, “You know you’re going to get pregnant right?” I think he’ll be hilarious to party with.

Don’t let this fool ya!



Because he’s ACTUALLY is like this.

Until next time!


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