Psy gets Slammed for Old Rap Song Against America!

What did Psy say? What was his message? Who released the article? How are the American fans reacting to his lyrics? Check out the story and my opinion here!

f4d4a63a55b38e96edff69f7230c5981Wow, never knew this would happen. Actually, I knew, but I didn’t know that this would have happened so…late. E! Online, and eventually E! News, released a story earlier today about a song Psy rapped at a concert trashing the American Army.

He supposedly pick up a model American tank and threw it onto the ground. He did that at a concert in 2002 when a tank ran over two 13 year old school girls. Of course, the two soldiers got away with it.  But that’s not all he in 2004 Psy rapped: “Kill those f–king Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives/Kill those f–king Yankees who ordered them to torture/Kill their daughters, mothers, daughter-in-law and fathers/Kill them all slowly and painfully.” The reason for this is that an American soldier beheaded a South Korean missionary in Iraq to protest against the country’s decision to aid the U.S in its war with Iraq.

2012-09-16-PSYonSNL_jpg_630x352_q85Whoa, what can I say about that? Literally, I’m an American, but I really like K-pop. Here’s my view: The army did kill innocent people, so to justify that is wrong and I’m not going to, but the problem is that Psy is classifying the WHOLE U.S army for three soldiers incidents. That to me isn’t right. He should just direct his words to those SPECIFIC soldiers. My deal is that why did E! Online have to report this? This mess happened all the way back in the early 2000’s and it’s now towards the end 2012. C’mon now, but again I knew something like this was going to happen sooner or later. Apparently, it’s later for Psy because these fools were digging for something bad. You will never, EVER, see a star who is rising above expectation not get grilled in the media. It’s not normal, but whatever they seem to find is shocking. No doubt about it. Take it from Obama. Just because he’s black, he’s being judged on how he’s running a country, but as you can see he’s doing a fine job. Comparison to Psy, he beats Justin Bieber on YouTube and now you see this. I wouldn’t say that that was the only reason, but he’s on the rise and somebody has to stop him.

PSY-Gangnam-Style-music-video-400x300As for the comments, this isn’t an AllKpop article, so commenters are telling him to go back to his country if he hates America. Not the direct quote, but something along those lines. You guys should see it for yourself because as a K-pop fan it’s quite disturbing, but there are some K-pop, who I think they are, who’s trying to defend him. But again, it’s a few of them. This is the reason why I really don’t want  K-pop stars to get exposed here, I mean I want to , but our media can really hurt them. I’m not saying that their media can’t, but c’mon they really praise the American culture and to get grilled by Americans is really hurtful. Maybe I’m not explaining myself correctly, but hopefully you get what I’m saying.

Now, to keep peace with everybody (Americans and South Koreans) you need to understand the situation before grilling other people. Whenever AllKpop decides to release this article, k-pop fans need not to bash the WHOLE U.S army nor America itself because that’s not right. As for Americans, not all soldiers are good, so don’t say our army, as a whole, is good. We need to avoid stupid confrontations!

Here’s the link:

All credit to E! Online.

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