Happy Belated Birthday to December 8th and 9th Babies!

Ugh, finals why must you take me away from my blog!!!! Yes, missed a lot of birthdays these past two days, so let’s roll right in! Literally, roll your mouse to that continue button!

Okay let’s get to the December 8th babies.

EXID-exid-EC-9D-B4-EC-97-91-EC-8A-A4-EC-95-84-EC-9D-B4-EB-94-94-30399070-550-479Happy belated birthday to Dami! She turned 23 years old on December 8th and she’s a member of EXID. She’s a B.A.P fan… I can tell!

tumblr_lzxhahf2HW1qlveifHappy belated birthday to Lee Taewoo! He turned 22 years old on December 8th and he’s a member of A-Peace Onyx. Now that I realize it, they are the first EXO-K and EXO-M. Okay, my not the language part, but the multiple-but-one-group-part. I think they’re three of them, Lapis, Jade, and Onyx. I guess there’s more digging into that.

December 9th Babies!

baek_chan-232Happy belated birthday to Baek Cha! He turned 29  yesterday and he’s a member of 8eight. Wow, just to think, if he was born a day earlier that would have been daebak!

ze-a-COE_heechul-child-of-empire-empire-chilren-ze-a-11282037-576-432Happy belated birthday to Heechul! He turned 24 years old yesterday and he’s a member of ZE:A. I wonder if it’s weird to have the same name as Heechul from Super Junior Heechul? I’m not saying it in a bad way, but that burden to live up to that name…I don’t know just spouting out some nonsense I guess. Boy, he almost look like Infinite’s Hoya here!

minho shineeHappy belated birthday to Choi Minho!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe I missed this day to post his birthday! Jeez, kill me now! Okay, no I was just joking, but man I missed his birthday. Minho turned 22 years old yesterday and he’s a member of SHINee. “Give up for SHINee! Give it up…give it up…give it up forrrr SHINNNeeee!” I always here that part in my head when SHINee pops up and don’t say that doesn’t happen to you.

Ah, just going to post this adorable video of Minho from Hello Baby to make up for missing this post.


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