[UPDATE] TS Entertainment Release Statement + Photos!

What did TS Entertainment say? How’s Hyosung’s condition?  Check put what they said here!

Secret-kpop-girl-power-23196196-500-352I feel as if I don’t need to input any opinions here just fact since it’s a terrible accident, so this won’t be long.

If you don’t have the weather condition of Seoul, South Korea as I do, they had some snow there and that’s how it all happened. Secret manager was driving to Jamshil for whatever activity they had, but the manager hit a icy patch on the road. A curvy road. Their van hit the guard rail then flipped over. All were rushed to the hospital. In my last post AllKpop said that Hyosung was injured severely, but instead it was Zinger who was severely injured with fractured ribs and a bruised lung. The other members had minor injuries.

TS really didn’t have statement, but just said that, “The top priority is for the members’ health.”

In another post AllKpop made more information came out. Sorry I was in a final when this happened.

Anyways, all the members except for Zinger was released from the hospital. In the last article that was posted, the one I wrote above, AllKpop said that Zinger was severely injured, but TS ENT says:

Zinger is still in the hospital after she received the treatment she needed. Her condition is not so serious where people need to be overly concerned. She is still at the hospital because she is waiting further examination from a professional in the morning”

TS also added: “We apologize because we’ve caused such worry in the early morning. We’re still looking into the details of the accident”

Sorry, if it’s not the time, but what more do they need to know about the accident? The van hit a patch of black ice, it’s common when the snow melts, but refreeze back up. What more do they need to look into? Sorry, but I’m just curious.

Let’s all pray for Secret!

Credit to AllKpop.


Pictures found here!





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