B.A.P Won Best New Rookie Award at Melon Awards!

Ah, my feels are ALL OVER the place! Who won the award with them? Who cried? All right here!

121022_BAP_stopitblack_pr-460x430As I said before my feels are all over the place! When I heard the winner I was upset for a second because the person who also won the award was Aliee. I don’t have a problem with that if she won it by herself, but I’m so happy that both of them won! Now, all of them spoke. ALL OF THEM…with the exception of Zelo. That boy…my baby cried. Zelo, my son (refer to Zelo’s birthday post), cried. That send tears in my eyes! Tears of joy because eventually I WILL see YongGuk and Jongup’s abs. Mostly YongGuk’s. I have a bed just in case I faint. More after the awards!


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