Melon Music Award Reaction!

The MMA is done…over…fin…fini…nada! It’s time to sleep…in about 20 minutes. I guess my reaction comes first. Check it out here!

melon-music-awards-2012I don’t know I think I like this award show more than MAMA. It’s just that to me it seem organized and had hosts to pull you through the show unlike the MAMA. Now, what I don’t like is that they didn’t have any subtitles. They ‘claimed’ that they do, but only showing it when somebody won the award. Now, I really don’t have a problem with that entirely, but they need to make it clear than saying “Main WITH Subtitles” because that’s false advertisement.

20120828_bap_crash-600x400The performances were on point. I love them all except for T-ara and Sistar. Please don’t kill me, but T-ara’s was banal and Sistar I was looking at some X-rated movie. Again, don’t kill me, but as I said before girl groups, besides 2ne1, aren’t my cup of tea. I really loved B.A.P and Infinite’s performance. I mean, I REALLY LOVED THEIR PERFORMANCE, just in case my previous sentence didn’t get to you. 2ne1’s performance was cool. I totally loved the effects that Melon provided for the idols. It made their performance a lot better because I’ve seen B.A.P perform Warrior countless times and this by far was the best one. What took the cake for me in performances was the intro. All them rappers up there and none of them didn’t bring up YongGuk to join them, but it’s all cool the performance was fine without him. Simon D though. He’s just too much for me right now. I haven’t heard him rap before and boy do I love his rapping. Dynamic Duo, I see why YongGuk likes them, they’re really good. Sorry, but I didn’t know who was the first group who performed, but all their rapping flowed together. Maybe in the future we’ll see GD, TOP, Zico, and YongGuk up there killing it. Let’s make it happen people!

B2ST_Shock_20052011022127Now, the speeches. Where’s Will and Jada Smith when you need them? For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, Will and Jada put a time limit on speeches at the BET Awards in…06 I think. I understand that you want to release your emotion, but they could have did it somewhere else. Maybe I’m sounding a bit rude, and sorry if I am, but it’s like in the wee hour in the morning. If you don’t know I usually be asleep at 4 to 8 in the morning. Cranky cranky, Kanaissa. Well, I’m tired jeez.

I’ll post performances up when YouTube has it! Until next time!



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