Day 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 ,13, and 14 challenge of 20 Day Beast Challenge!

Wow, this is seven days worth of challenge in a post. This shows how much I slacked this past week, usually I want to group 3 together, but 7??? Welp, let’s get right to it!Day 7: The one that you would want to gag jokes.

Yoseob-beast-b2st-32019878-344-431I thing Yoseob is the one I want to joke with. I’ve seen how he acts on variety programs and he’s pretty hilarious despite his seriousness on his recent solo album.

Day 8:Your favorite couple.

Couple…? I don’t quite get this one, but I like anybody with Hyunseung. He’s too much when he’s with someone. Don’t worry I’ll find a clip! 

Day 9:Your favorite music video.

That would be Breath! The dancing at the beginning is what grab me beside Gi Kwang’s arms then when he did that chest pump and then when he was shirtless in the rain. Let’s just say Gi Kwang made me like that music video.

Day 10:Your favorite dance.

My favorite dance would be from the Bad Girl music video. I think that was the only video beside shock and breath that I liked the most.

Day 11:Your favorite performance.

My favorite performance is where they performed…I don’t know the name of the song, but I believe it was on a countdown show. Well, that’s not really helpful huh, but it was a song that I’d never heard before and Yoseop had a solo dance part. I guess the newness is what  I like about the performance.

Day 12: Your favorite behind the scenes/show cut.

Oh, I don’t have a favorite behind the scenes, but I liked them on Weekly Idol! That show is just too funny, especially when the MCs were picking on Hyunseung.

Day 13 & 14:  Your favorite picture and Your favorite picture of your bias.

I grouped these two together because both challenge will be a picture of my bias. I believe any pictures of Gi Kwang is my favorite especially when he smiles and when he takes selcas.





Gifs of Gi Kwang!





Aw, he’s soooooooooo adorable…right after Yongguk!


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