Happy Belated Birthday to the December 14th Babies!

Yup, another one. I don’t know what’s so special about December 14th, but there’s a lot of idols who were born this day. Click that continue to read button to find out who!

28194-janey-qntmHappy belated birthday to Janey! She turned 15 years old yesterday and she’s a member of GP Basic. She’s the youngest birthday I’ve posted as of now. 15 years old, but really she’s 14 in America! She looks young! I wonder what company she comes from…

Shin YoonjoHappy belated birthday to Yoonjo! She turned 21 years old today and she’s a member of Hello Venus! I don’t know,  but the group name just brings me back to Sailor Moon. “In the name of the moon…” Yeah, I’m a geek, but a cool geek. It’s just that, to me, it doesn’t make sense if you know K-pop/k-drama, but not anime. It’s like a combo deal.

SoyiHappy belated birthday to Son Soyi! She turned 22 years old yesterday and she’s a member of New F.O. I guess they’re going for the mug shot concept. Just a F.Y.I, you need your number with your name!

images (3)Happy belated birthday to B-Bomb! He turned 23 years old yesterday and he’s a member of Block B. I wonder how he feels about Zico’s Cocks song? I read those lyrics and boy…let me just stop there.

SHINee-Onew-3-mizu-gaaralover101-25452298-1218-1000Happy belated birthday to Onew! He turned 24 years old yesterday and he’s a member of SHINee. And start at the 3m and 38sec mark…

Sorry, I had to. I always do this when SHINee appears, but I wonder if Onew had a chicken party? He’s like a certified black person because of his love of chicken. *Don’t worry I have the right to say this because I’m black.* Just in case somebody want to pull that race card.


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