Happy Birthday to the December 15th babies!

A big big day for a particular fanbase. Possibly the biggest fanbase in K-pop. Who is it? Super Junior? Big Bang? TVXQ? Who? Find out here!

Just to keep you thinking I’ll post his birthday last.

LeeMinYoung2Happy birthday to Lee Minyoung! She turns a whooping 35 years old today and she’s a member of As One. You can clearly tell she’s an old K-pop idol by the way her hair was styled. Oh how I miss the 90’s!

tumblr_m2juhitqlK1qiwr44o1_500Happy Birthday to Xiah Junsu! Yes, he turns 27 years old today and he’s a member of JYJ. To answer your question above, when DBSK were together they had a pretty big fanbase and by big I mean huge. It’s still the case today, even though all 5 members aren’t together. Well, you can clearly tell that I’m not apart of that fanbase or else I would have posted a video, but sadly I don’t know any good ones.


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