Daebak Koreans Hits 4,000 views!

Yes, people the number, and I, don’t lie. Daebak Koreans has 4,000 views, well a little over 4,000 views now, but let’s round that number. I don’t know how much I can thank you all for this achievement. I had started this blog for a school assignment, but I didn’t know that I would be dedicated this much to this blog where even if I drop out of college I would still update you all of what’s going on with K-pop.

tumblr_m8qusmFFL41qk7jgbFirst and far most I want to thank my followers! The following are:





panda and bunny,












the mind of RD Revilo,


Lateral Love Australia,


Nicole Shnazzy,



diamond mike watson,




I cannot forget my partner, littlepigrabbit, even though we didn’t do anything partner like yet, but gotta give her credit for agreeing to be my partner. I tend to get controversial with my post sometimes and her post seem to mellow mines out. Basically ying and yang.

*Click to make work*  Thank Dang you WordPress!

132577939835The visitors are the ones I should probably thank the most because without them I wouldn’t have gotten so high up in the view count so quickly. Ah, I really don’t know what to say besides thank you! I never was that great with speeches of appreciation, but I think I can make it up to you all by continuing to write good posts. Yes, that’s how I can make it up to you all!

B-A-P-bap-32317941-1280-800Now, what I wish for since hitting 4,000 views is to interview K-pop idols! Ah, such a big wish that’s not going to happen…any time soon that is. Allow me to set a goal for you all, by 10,000 views I would like to interview any K-pop idol. That’s a challenge for me, but also a challenge for you. Why is that Kanaissa? Well, I know you would like to see a newbie journalist interview a K-pop idol and the only place that will have the interview is here at debakkoreans.wordpress.com. As you still know, I’m still a newbie and this will be hard and you guys with the talent to mass vote, start fanwars, and request to your city fans can make this happen! I believe it’s call networking. So, help me network to get to 10,000 views and possibly  a chance to interview a K-pop idol! It  could be Super Junior, B2st, JJ Project, or B.A.P (I really want to interview them!) It sounds a bit far fetch, but AlllKpop weren’t big when they started. They worked their way up and that’s what I’m doing.

That’s all for now, but continue to support me and I’ll continue to do crazy birthday/challenges/controversial posts for you!


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