Happy Belated Birthday to the December 17th babies!

Ah, welcome to another belated birthday post. I don’t know why, but I always find a creative way to say I’m sorry to you all. That really needs to stop because I shouldn’t do that. Birthdays are meant to be celebrated on their day, so….let me stop I won’t make a promise if I cannot keep it. Please click that continue to read button!images (4)Happy belated birthday to Park Jaewon! He turned 27 years old yesterday and he’s a member of A-Peace Jade. Yup, the group that’s split up into three groups.

Sungmin-co-ed-school-16970657-497-477Happy belated birthday to Sungmin! He turned 18 years old yesterday and he’s a member of Co-Ed. Aw, he’s the baby out of the group, but the picture above is showing otherwise. Doesn’t he look almost like Song Joong Ki? Hey, I said almost!

tumblr_lmvct4o2E21qa55t1o1_500Happy belated birthday to Lee Jaejin! He turned 22 years old yesterday and he’s a member of FT Island. This is Rock Band at its finest and I literally mean finest. I’m not really into rock music, but I know of them and by them I mean HongKi. Now, I need to know FT Island because of this fellow! He looks so innocent. Jeez, I guess it’s to daebaksubs.com to search for them in variety!



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