K-pop groups comeback in 2013!

Yes, it’s about that time for comebacks of your favorite, or least favorite, idols! Who are they? When exactly are they releasing a single? All that right here!

Since starting this blog I had to become aware of comeback dates for groups because before I didn’t particularly care when they release something. Does that make me less of a devoted K-pop fan, no, but I don’t like waiting. Seriously, I can’t have a little countdown widget because then I’ll become impatient, but B.A.P entered my life. I am impatiently patient of their comeback. Ah, I need to stop talking and start giving date…or months since K-pop companies like to troll us.

*Note most of these are rumors, but taken how fans can be detectives I wouldn’t doubt it…maybe a little*

2pm-2pm-9584835-1024-768AllKpop did confirm that 2Pm will make a comeback in Korea in January, but there are many different months that people are saying. People are saying January, others saying March, and there were a couple who said February. Yup, they’re sounding like B.A.P three comebacks in a row, naw but 2PM are coming back early 2013.

047452SNSD aka Girls Generation are coming back in January 2013.

T-ara are set to have their comeback in January 2013.

U-Kiss are set to have a comeback in February 2013 in Japan and March 2013 in Korea.

Seventeen are set to debut in January 2013. They are like the only ones who we know for sure who is coming out in January. Let’s see how this will work.

CN Blue are set to have a comeback in January 2013.

INFINITE-H will debut as a sub unit (consisting of Hoya and Dongwoo) in either January or February.

exo2EXO are set to comeback on February 30th.

Big-Bang-Monster-1024x706Big Bang are set to comeback in the fall.

20120828_bap_crash-600x400B.A.P are rumored to have a comeback on the 3rd week in January 2013 (Rain Sound.) Just in time for their anniversary! Official promotion for their 2nd mini album is in Mid-February.

infinite-03Infinite are rumored to have a comeback in March! I guess they’re waiting to release things after Infinite H’s promotions.

boa09BoA are rumored to have a comeback in February, but it’s a Japanese single instead of Korean.

-Daesung-daesung-33397151-600-531Daesung from Big Bang is suppose to release his solo Japanese album in February.

Superstar-3-tvxq-homin-jung-yunho-shim-changmin-32070475-1000-636TVXQ are rumored to have a comeback in March in Japan.

20100903_shuijapanesedebutSHU-I are rumored to have a comeback in March in Japan.

4SHINee are to release “Fire” a Japanese single in March.

Lee-hi-tumblrLee Hi set to release her two part album, “First Love,” in March.

D-unitD-Unit are coming back with a single produced by Block B’s Zico. They are also introducing their new member on this comeback.

m2m_cube_ent-450x320M4M are set to debut in March.

aa1AA are having their comeback in March.

20130221_LadiesCode_1Ladies’ Codes released their debut song in March.

korea-girls-dayGirls’ Day are set to have their comeback in March.


2 thoughts on “K-pop groups comeback in 2013!

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