Nice fans and Sasaeng fans Super Junior will NOT date you!

What do I mean? What’s the purpose of ideal types? Why mention Super Junior? Will the Elfs, or any fanbase, kill me for what I have to say? Most likely, so check out the crime!

Yes, I’m about to start some serious stuff right now. As you all know, this year is the year of couples. So many couples came out the closet this year in the K-pop world that it doesn’t make sense. So what’s the purpose of crushing the hopes of fans around the world? Well, I was thinking while creating my short story about a normal girl getting together with a K-pop idol, but as I was trying to think of a good plot something came to me. How can a normal girl get, ACTUALLY get, with a K-pop idol? They’re stuck practicing, promoting, concerts, concerts in different countries, and the bodyguards. So, how can fans get to their favorite idol and become something more than a fan or a friend?


You can’t. I mean you can, but you can’t. That doesn’t make a lot of sense, but since when is anything simple in K-pop? If you study to be a stylist, dancer, or makeup artist then you will probably have a chance, but other than that I don’t think normal fans will have a chance with a K-pop idol. I guess the reason why I’m writing this, beside my short story, is because idols tend to give fans hope when there is none. What I mean is that when was the last a K-pop idol dated a normal person? A fan? I’ll  give you a minute because nothing comes to mind right? Ever since I was introduced to K-pop I’ve never seen a K-pop idol date a fan, or even a K-pop idol coming out the closet as much as I seen this year. But you always see an idol be with another idol, actor/actress, model, or anything in the entertainment field. So, again why give false hope?



What really gets me is when variety hosts, interviewers, and fans ask about their ideal type. Ugh, I mean I like to know their ideal types, but if we don’t have a chance to be with them then what’s the purpose? What if the fan doesn’t fit in their favorite idol’s ideal type? Girls will change themselves just to be in it and I don’t like that. Why change who you are when there isn’t a chance? Why change yourself if the Atlantic or the Pacific Ocean separating you from your idol that you changed yourself for? Please don’t act as if that never happened because you know you seen some fans who change themselves for a member of Super Junior. Or Beast, Big Bang, Shinee, etc. It’s just that everybody isn’t going to fit the idols ideal type just to change themselves, so why bother?

tumblr_ma7bjzHbSD1rwzcj7Maybe I’m just spouting out some nonsense and you are like, “We are not meant to date idols, but we still like to know their ideal types, Kanaissa”  and that’s fine. I’m not putting a gun to your head and say, “don’t request their ideal type”, but I’m just telling you my opinion. If a fan dates a K-pop idol then I’m happy for you. Really, I want to see a fan date an idol because that’s a dream come true and that gives hope for other fans, but can we please think realistically? Can we? Think of dating a K-pop idol as a unknown creature waiting to be discovered and until it’s discovered let’s make documentary! I really want to be the interviewer if that happens. What I’m trying to tell you is that please…please think realistically!



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