Happy Birthday to December 27th Babies!

Woot, it’s almost time for the New Year’s! Any New Year’s resolution? Losing weight? Making good grades in school? Planning financially your trip to the KCON? That last one is what I’m doing right now, but let’s get into the post. A muscular post!

64613010Happy Birthday to Surin! She turns 22 years old and she’s a member of Two X. I would have thought that with a name Two X it would have only been two members in the group, but this group has six.

0f1ad67268997d7742fabd0ad0c6931aHappy Birthday to my first ever bias Ok Taecyeon! He turns 26 years old today and he’s a member of 2PM! Yes, as I said before he’s my first bias until Nichkhun ruined the list with his adorabliness. He was very manly and that’s probably what attracted me to him because starting off in K-pop and seeing feminine looking men. He was like the only choice until I was completely smitten with K-pop.

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Gotta love the 2PM Show! I wonder are they going to do a season 2? They should dangit!


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