Negative comments = Compliments? K-pop tumblr question.

What exactly do these comments mean? Do you guys approve of negative comments that are actually complimenting the idols? My reaction to these comments here!

Okay, this was on my mind ever since I’ve been checking  into Tumblr everyday. So what exactly do I mean by these negative comments equals compliments? Well, have you seen a GIF or picture on Tumblr and look at the tags below? Yes? No? Of course you do, since the person or topic you searched for is the tag. Jeez, I sound so snotty right there, I apologize, but our eyes automatically go down the tag line after we look at the picture. Anyway, back to the whole purpose of this post, have you seen tag line like, “cute little fuckers,” or “wow I hate your face.” Now, that last one was directed towards Bang Yongguk and I did a double take on that tag right there, but those comments are actually complimenting them. How? I don’t know, I think they are because why continue to post pictures of people you hate seeing? That right there is a certified hater and proud to broadcast it to the public if that was the case. You mostly see these type of comments directed towards the newer groups in the K-pop world. You know, Infinite, B1A4, Teen Top, EXO, C-Clown, B.A.P and etc. I have never seen any comments like these directed to the veteran in the K-pop world like Super Junior, Big Bang, 2AM, 2PM and etc. Sorry, I still don’t quite listen to girl groups in K-pop yet, again I apologize for that.

tumblr_ma7bjzHbSD1rwzcj7My reaction to the whole thing is that I don’t get it. I don’t get the negative comments meaning compliments. I thought complimenting ones look is actually saying nice things. Same for the negative comments saying bad things, but maybe I didn’t learn that correctly in 3rd grade. It’s just that you wouldn’t want to go up to your favorite idol and say, “wow I hate your face,” so why say it at all? Idols are just like people and as a person I would be upset. If somebody say that to me in person, online, in a text message, through a game of telephone I would be thinking, so why are you around me? Why are you at my house sleeping over, eating my food, using my Wi-Fi, peeing in my bathroom if you hate my face? What would an idol think? Why are you in my country, buying my music, in my face trying to get an autograph, or following me in a taxi if you hate my face? I just don’t get it and I don’t want to get it because if I don’t like it being said to me then I wouldn’t say it to others. Especially those who I admire.

tumblr_lokumvgwM51qjhrdao1_400If I offended someone, I’m sorry. I won’t add any ‘buts’ since I always do that after apologizing, but it’s what you do and that’s your life. I’m not telling you to change your ways, no I’m just voicing my opinions, and hoping you would think about it.


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