2012 SBS Gayo Daejun Performances…Part 2!

Wow, K-pop knows how to keep fan hostage at these type of programs. This started at 3:30AM (Central time) and ended at 10AM. Really? I couldn’t do it and if somebody did good job! Your endurance I need! For those who are like me and missed it here’s the other half of the performance!

Simon D, Epik High and Dynamic Duo (credit Musiclovelee1)

Miss A (credit Musiclovelee1)

MBLAQ (credit Musiclovelee1)

A Pink (credit Musiclovelee1)

G. NA (credit Musiclovelee1)

INFINITE ( Musiclovelee1)

SM Performance (credit Musiclovelee1)

4 Minute (credit Musiclovelee1)

2AM (credit Musiclovelee1)

F.T Island (credit Musiclovelee1)

After School (credit  Musiclovelee1)

Boyfriend (credit Musiclovelee1)

CN Blue (credit Musiclovelee1)

Kim Wan Sun and KARA‘s Hara / Kim Won Jun and SHINee‘s Taemin (credit Musiclovelee1)

Son Dam Bi (Musiclovelee1)

B.A.P (Musiclovelee1)

J.Y. Park (credit Musiclovelee1)

Beast (credit Musiclovelee1)

KARA (credit Musiclovelee1)

G-Dragon (credit Musiclovelee1)

Big Bang (credit Musiclovelee1)

Super Junior (credit Musiclovelee1)

TVXQ (credit Musiclovelee1)

Stay tune for the Color of K-pop performances!



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