2012 SBS Gayo Daejun’s Performance…part 1

If you didn’t stay up like me and missed your favorite artist you are in luck! Check out the performances right here!

SHINee (credit Musiclovelee1)

Aliee (credit Musiclovelee1)

B1A4 (credit Musiclovelee1)

Sung Si Kyung & CL (credit Musiclovelee1)

SECRET (credit Musiclovelee1)

SISTAR (credit Musiclovelee1)

CN Blue & FT Island (credit Musiclovelee1)

Glam& SeeU (credit Musiclovelee1)

T-ara (credit Musiclovelee1)

Teen Top (credit Musiclovelee1)

EXO-K (credit Musiclovelee1)

J.Y.Park, 15&‘s Park Ji Min, Baek Ah Yeon, and Lee Hi (credit Musiclovelee1)

F(x) (credit Musiclovelee1)

Ga In (credit Musiclovelee1)

2ne1 (credit Musiclovelee1)

Stay tune for part 2! Especially for B.A.P! Hold up, my opinion just shown through. You don’t have to anticipate B.A.P’s performance because the second so far is really good! Yes, I’m looking at it now!

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