2012 MBC Gayo Daejun Performances! All of them!

Yup, another restless night…lol joking. I went to sleep before the show broadcast, which was at 5:50AM central time, but all and all I was able to watch the broadcast. Click that button to check out the performances and my reaction! *NOTE ALL PERFORMANCES! Yes, part 1 and part 2! So, it’s a long post!

Well, I guess the end of the year shows are basically battles. Dance battles, singing battles, and whatever else battles. There are so many battles that it’s putting ABDC to shame, that’s America Best Dance Crew if you didn’t know, but yes putting them to shame. It’s not a bad thing far from it, I actually like it, I’m just waiting for a fight to break out. A fist to fist fight. “Why would you want that, Kanaissa?” Actually, I don’t know, but I want to see who would actually win an actual battle. C’mon don’t say you haven’t thought of your favorite idols  against another idol in a fist fight. I want to see some fighting skills, people! Okay, let’s roll right into the performances because my reaction is just going to start stuff that I don’t want to be in.

MC Performance (credit 지 약)

SHINee and F(x) special performance (credit 지 약)

B.A.P and SECRET special performance (credit 지 약)

Aliee and Roh Ji Hoon special performance (credit  지 약)

A Pink (credit 지 약)

Girl’s Day (credit 지 약)

100% (credit 지 약)

Big Star (credit 지 약)

Boom’s Special Corner TEEN TOP/KARA/K.Will/miss A/Boom & Everyone (credit bug fany, KMusicLiveMBC, and TanVuMBC)

Dal Shabet (credit 지 약)

A-Jax (credit 지 약)

Ga In (credit 지 약)

Son Dam Bi (credit 지 약)

Exo-K (credit 지 약)

BTOB (credit 지 약)

Epik High feat Park Bom (credit bug fany)

MBLAQ (credit 지 약)

SECRET (credit 지 약)

T-ara  (credit 지 약)

B1A4 (credit 지 약)

INFINITE (credit 지 약)

We Got Married Performance from Adam Couple and Lip Balm Couple (credit 지 약)

F(x) (credit 지 약)

After School (credit 지 약)

Dynamic Duo/ Primary (credit Simhy6)

CN Blue/ F.T. Island/ Juniel (credit 지 약)

Park Myung Soo/ Ailee/ B1A4/ CRAZYON (credit 지 약)

New Year Countdown (credit 지 약)

2ne1 feat LeeHi (credit 지 약)

Big Bang/2ne1/LeeHi/Epik High (credit 지 약)

B.A.P (credit 지 약)

Teen Top/100% (credit 지 약)

K Will (credit bug fany)

2AM (credit bug fany)

Miss A (credit 지 약)

4minute (credit 지 약)

J.Y. Park (credit bug fany)

SISTAR (credit 지 약)

KARA (credit 지 약)

Beast (credit 지 약)

SHINee (credit 지 약)

Super Junior (credit 지 약)

TVXQ (credit 지 약)

Closing (credit 지 약)

Now, that was a GREAT end of the year special! Can’t wait for next year performances! Now, let’s just get through the year first! With that Happy New Year for the people on the other side of the world!




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