Super Junior M “Break Down” Teaser Released!

Even though Leeteuk is in the army the show must go on, right? Check out the teaser here if you haven’t!

Does Kim Hyung Joong pops in your head doing the Cat Daddy when breakdown appear? No? That’s fine because this is totally different feel from his “Breakdown.” Super Junior-M is owning this Breakdown…well I would guess they would. I haven’t seen the trailer yet, so I’m going to look at it with you!

Ah, they are definitely owning this Breakdown! Look at their hair! Especially Siwon’s hair, now that some futuristic/anime hair style right there! I guess that’s their concept because it does look a little space shippy futuristicly animey teaser. I know some of those words aren’t even real words, but that’s how I feel with this teaser! Uh, question. Did you guys see Leeteuk in there? I may be out of it since waking up at 5 in the morning, but it sorta look like him at 18 seconds. If it’s not him, who is this character? Does he show up when there’s a M after Super Junior? Anyway, I’ll be waiting for this MV to come out!

Until then!


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