Sasaeng Fans attacks B.A.P!

WHAT? What did this girl do? Who was the member who got attacked? Why is it being revealed all of a sudden? Is it true or not? That with my reaction here! Himchan’s fans warning before you click that button Continue reading

Infinite H Releases Without You MV!

Move over Special Girl! Without You is taking your place! Nothing says sexy, when two sexy men dancing in suits, right! Or a skull in red paint…right? Continue reading

Eat Your Kimchi Review on Rain Sound + My Reaction!

Ah, Simon and Martha, you’ve done it again! You guys have done pissed off some Babies. What did they say? What concept should B.A.P should stay in? Want to hear a fellow Baby’s reaction? It involves bold letters! Continue reading

Happy Birthday to Junho!

celeb11bWoot! I think I can make it with 7 minutes left to post Junho’s birthday!! Junho turns 24 years old today and he’s a member of 2PM! Yes, the mini Bi-Rain himself! Now, I want to see more of Junho this year, whether it’s selcas with his cat, selcas showing his eye smile, him on variety shows, or his boo…his uh? What’s an appropriate way to say butt? Yeah, couldn’t think of anything either, but Happy Birthday Junho!

Happy Birthday to the January 22nd Babies!

Does it seem as if this month flew by? Literally, it’s almost the last week of January and you know what that means, right? Yeah, it’s just going to be February next month…wasn’t expecting that huh? This birthday post is devoted to uppercase letters! Check out what the heck I mean by clicking —-> Continue reading