[BREAKING] Official Statement from Kim Tae Hee’s Agency on Relationship with Rain!

Phew, a long title. What did they say? Is it a bunch of B.S. or does it make sense? Do I have to ridicule the statement for its stupidity or no? All that here!

147Let’s thank the Heavens because this statement did not beat around any bush. None, and they basically told the truth. Seriously, they just gave up like there’s no point of lying and they were right. So what exactly am I talking about? Well, if you were under a rock for the past 24 hours, or drunk, AllKpop released an article stating that Rain and Kim Tae Hee are dating. Uh, question what was the point of adding question mark after the title? I think they over use that just to make people click. “Well, duh Kanaissa!” But, even without adding the question mark people will still click on the article.

rain-kim-tae-hee-coupang-adv-01Okay, sorry about that I really did veer off topic, but there’s nothing to say about the statement. Nothing, but praise since they told the truth. Did I say that we should thank the Heaven– Oh you want the statement? Okay, here it is!

“It is true that they have met, but at the present time they are slowly beginning to know more about each other with good and positive feelings,” the agency stated. “It has been about a month since their first meeting.”

There you go! You can tear that statement apart and put it back together if you REALLY want to find something, but let’s face the music y’all Rain is dating Kim Tae Hee! Until next time!

Click here for the article! Credit: AllKpop


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