[BREAKING] Rain and Kim Tae Hee Are Dating!

When did they start dating? Who asked who first? Where do they date? Is the source true? My reaction here!

20121231_rain_kimtaehee_main-404x260Wow, 2012 is truly the year of idols coming out the closet! I mean with six hours until the new year, AllKpop dished out this article living up to the year of couples! Now, I personally don’t care who Rain dates because one he’s like 30 something and two he’s in the army. He needs some loving and I don’t care what his fans have to say. COME AT ME! *Beats chest* Seriously, let this man do what he wants to do!

147So apparently, they were dating for 3 months, yes even after his enlistment into the army in March, they were in the cupcaking phase. *Cupcaking- getting to know the other half before actually dating* I guess writing letters wasn’t a problem for him if it was to keep contact with Kim Tae Hee, but they officially start dating in September. So, AllKpop can I ask what the heck were you doing since September? Oh, that’s right posting “Who wore it better?” articles. No, it’s fine because nobody wants to pry into idols’ personal life…unless an idol twitpic a picture than we can just assume, right?

rain-kim-tae-hee-coupang-adv-01Anyways, both are actors and the way their relationship progress is drama creation worthy. Well, I guess Replay 1997 already did that. The friends becoming more than friends thing? Well, that’s what happened with Rain and Kim Tae Hee. I need to befriend a hot korean ASAP, dang it! Their relationship is also like a drama because Rain acts like a sweetheart towards Kim Tae Hee, you know how the second male lead would act. The clingy and I’ll-do-everything-for-you type of guy, but instead he’s the first lead. What do I mean by this? Well, Rain had a break for Christmas from his two year enlistment, apparently idols can get breaks and a lot of them. With his break he spent Christmas with Kim Tae Hee! I totally love it

I would like to wish these two a Happy New Year and a long lasting relationship!

Check out the article right here!


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