Happy Belated Birthday to the January 1st Babies!

Happy New Years People! Welcome to the year 2013! Wow, I was totally thinking about the Year 3000 by Jonas Brothers. A totally different genre, but hey I like them and they’re coming back  with a concert in South America which sadly I do not live. So I can’t even go to an American concert, dang it. *Grabs a tissue* It sucks living in the Midwest. Anyways, let’s roll into the birthdays!

Sungmin-super-junior-or-elf-8521262-333-500Happy belated birthday to Lee Sungmin! Yes Elfs, your Sungmin turned 28 years old yesterday and he’s a member of Super Junior. He was like my first bias in Super Junior, my first REAL bias. You know, you have to get passed Siwon and Donghae and Leeteuk and…Eunhyuk. There just so many people you have to bypass to get to him…physically, even though Leeteuk is on my bias right now Sungmin is like my other bias in Super Junior.

Apeace+SeunghwanHappy belated birthday Kim Seunghwan! He turned 19 years old yesterday and he’s a member of A-Peace Jade! He must be the youngest out the huge group. Nineteen years old? Yeah, he has to be.

Until then!


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