Oh Yeon Seo’s Agency Denies the Relationship of Yeon Seo and Jang Woo!

Wait, what? What’s with the change of heart? Was it a slip if the tongue? What did they say? All that right here!

20130103_1043481125088_0_zps72a603eaLike I said above, “Wait, what?” At first they said they were getting to know each other, but now they’re saying Yeon Seo and Jang Woo are not “getting to know each other.” What the heck is going on here? Really, and I praised her agency for being honest! I’m taking that back because I would think they would have stayed true to their word, so what made them change their minds after an hour of releasing the statement? AllKpop thinks that the first statement was the spur of the moment statement and  that the second statement is, “a more thought out response to the situation.” Um, people who are in the spur of the moment tend to tell the truth more so than people who thinks out lies to make their star look better. I think that’s what happened with Well Made Star M (Yeon Seo’s agency) because I think releasing the first statement they thought that the fans will say, “Aww..” to the couple instead of grilling them. The hate for Yeon Seo and even Jang Woo is so high that it’s making them look extremely bad. I’ll get to that in another post because this is about how the agency thinks that we’re (the fans) are stupid.

20130103_ohyeonseo_leejangwoo2Yes, they really think that we will believe what they say the second time when the photos prove something else. If you haven’t seen the photos then I highly suggest you look at it before you make any speculations. Or just look at their previous statement, but let’s look at the recent statement because it’s more than just a sentence.

Here’ s what Well Made Star M said:

“Since Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Jang Woo have been spending a lot of time together as they’re playing lovers in the drama, and are also sunbae-hoobae of the same school, they became close.”

“Because of their strong interest in acting, they were able to become even closer by discussing their project… However as they’ve only really spent time with each other about 2~3 times with acquaintances present, we can’t say they’re officially in a relationship,” they added.

They further stated, “They’re getting along well and working hard on the same project, so we’re worried that this might make them awkward and drift apart. We’re worried that we might bring harm to the project… Although they could officially become a couple with time and if their emotions remain mutual, right now, it’s hard for us to say that they are officially in a relationship.”

Screen-Shot-2012-11-14-at-1.55.36-PMOkay, what I’m getting from this statement is that the company doesn’t want to mess up their cash flow. I’m sorry, but that’s what I’m getting shoot me if you want to or if I’m being too blunt about the situation. But look at how many times they’ve mentioned the project compare to the emotions of actually damaging a relationship. Get this, they didn’t even mention We Got Married. How messed up is that? They’re worried  more about the drama instead of the variety show. More importantly what about Lee Joon? Well, I’m still waiting for his statement. Literally, waiting.

Until next time!

Article on Yeon Seo’s Agency is right here.


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