[BREAKING] Block B Sues Stardom!

Oh Lord again? Why sue Stardom now after being with them since their debut? I guess not paying them for nearly a year would make you do that, huh? What will happen to Block B? Click here for more!

tumblr_m01syy9aHq1rp3anco1_500Jesus Christ, what is going on this year? It’s only the 3rd day of the year and we already have three scandals. THREE of them. This time it doesn’t involve a love scandal, but instead it’s a company scandal involving a pretty hardcore group. Block B, one of the realist group, is suing Stardom because they weren’t being paid since 2011. Yeah, I’ll sue their butts to if that happened to me. Shoot, I’ll complain after a month. Why didn’t they say something sooner? Now, that’s something a judge would probably ask them, but hey I have high hopes for them in the judicial system…well the American judicial system. I don’t know much about Korean system, but that they take a very long coming up with the verdict. All I’m saying is that if Block B were in America they’ll win.

1Here’s what they stated at the Seoul Central District Court:

“During the signing of the exclusive contract, it was promised that in addition to providing proper training opportunity and facilities, we would be paid on every 25th of the following month… However, the agency has not paid us for nearly one year since April of 2011.” (it’s not clear whether it is 2011 or 2012 since the quote in the article states that it is nearly a year, but April of 2011 would be well over a year).

“It started last year in March when one member’s contract was ended and his portion of the pay was calculated… Appearance fees from events as well as pay from SBS drama ‘Phantom’s OST, MBC drama ‘Golden Time’ OST, and funds collected from the inaguration of our Japanese fan site’s fan club, and more for a total of 10 things, have been omitted.”

They also added, “The CEO of the agency, Mr. Lee, has also disappeared with the 70,000,000 KRW (~66,000 USD) that he collected from the members’ parents to use for promotion and production costs… He never listened to the members opinions or thoughts on their activities and directed only in his way.”

2011126_seoulbeats_blockbWhoa, I know that they’ve been on a lot of variety shows, but all this? They weren’t getting paid for doing all of this? C’mon now, why did Stardom do this, but also why wait all this time to say something? I guess they were building up their case, but this company stole money from their parents. FROM THEIR PARENTS. $66,000! I’m done. I hope they have some evidence on everything because it seem like some CEOs over there are just plain shady. I literally don’t have anything else to say about this matter. I mean Block B can go to another company because Zico is musically talented, but the thing is all that work they did they weren’t getting paid for it. Again, I’m done.

For the article click here. Credit AllKpop


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