Happy Birthday to the January 3rd Babies!

I guess this is the only best thing that’s happening in S. Korea right now and that’s birthdays. Birthdays doesn’t cause scandals right? Hope not, but let’s get into it.

F.I.X-rapper-Sung-Woo-profile-Happy birthday to Sungwoo! He turns 30 years old today and he’s a member of F.I.X.

tumblr_m9br9iUCGl1rczsawo1_400Happy birthday to Seolhyun! She turns 19 years old today and she’s a member of AOA. Yes, the new rookie group that survived the 50+ groups that debuted last year. Oh, this is the group with the angel wings! Yeah, I remember an article AllKpop posted last year about them. Well, I’m glad they survived!


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