Happy Birthday to the January 5th Babies!

No new scandal pop out today, right? Phew, thank goodness, but don’t we still have over 300 days left? Right, I won’t continue to hold my breath on that, but that also means over 300 days worth of birthdays to post! Woot, it’s the fifth day and this post will make you get some coffee! 

20110908_shihoaprilkissHappy Birthday to Shiho! He turns 28 years old today and he’s a member of April Kiss. Get this she used to be a teacher! Well, I’m not saying that a teacher cannot turn into a rapper, but how long did she teach? She also used to be a model, I mean look at the picture, she’s no newbie!

Yoseob-beast-b2st-32019878-344-431Happy Birthday to Yang Yoseob! He turns 24 years old today and he’s a member of, S.Korea’s favorite, Beast! Yeah, that lame attempt above is me trying to tie in Yoseob’s song Caffeine into the post. Jeez, man I do way too much on here. But you guys know Yoseob right? The member of Beast who looks the youngest, but he’s not and has A LOT of charm, or aegyo as they would say in S. Korea. Here’s a picture spam of him!







Aww at the last picture! He looks like a kid and trust he still looks like this at the age of 24! Happy birthday son Yoseob!


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