Infinite H Releases Teaser for “Fly High”!

“So high. Feels like I’m taking off I’m so high!” That’s how I feel about this teaser! Well, after getting past the bloody skill thing, but you know check it out!

First off, the quote above is not from Infinite H. I just want to out that out there before getting into this post. Now, the video teaser for Fly High!

Somebody’s been listening to some Chris Brown. That leggo sounds so like Chris, but you can still hear that accent in it. Too adorable. It’s more than that, but school is approaching y’all! I can’t wait for this MV though! That funky old school beat is making me impatient because I want to see Hoya’s dance to it. Shoot, my body was moving to it, so he must dance in the music video or else I will be disappointed. Well, be waiting for that music video y’all!


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