B.A.P Comeback Spoiler Featuring Daehyun!

You know what…I really don’t need to introduce this because if it’s B.A.P it’s automatically good. Click here to see this beautiful creation that God has provided us!

23547972Corny right, but it’s B.A.P! The corniness just flows out of me when it’s something related to them. My feels, my soul, and most importantly my money flows out when it comes to them! So throughout this break I was kind of on Korean Time, you know sleep during the majority of the day and WIDE AWAKE at night until like 5am. “Why does this matter, Kanaissa?” I’m glad you asked because while I was asleep Daehyun tweeted this: 스포…

Oh my goodness! I just love this boy- Oh, sorry it means Spoiler…oh, sorry this wasn’t the reason why I was spazzing. This was the reason!



Oh my goodness, it’s like their comeback is guaranteed! Just look at this boy! Still looking for YongGuk’s spoiler, but since he’s tweeting art work Daehyun will do. For awhile that is, so basically tonight some more information should come out, right? I mean are they allowed to release something without their company’s permission? I ASSUME more information should come out tonight. Let’s just hope that it does because so many things are just floating around. Some say their comeback is the third week of January, but they’re releasing their album February. Or their comeback is in February. I don’t know, but I like the first option better.

Until then let’s look at Daehyun’s face for awhile, okay!

Source: Daehyun’s Twitter!


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