B.A.P to Pre-release “Sound of Rain” Next Week!

Ahhhhhh! *Rolls on floor* What’s the song about? Is it going back to their hardcore concept or sticking with the ballads? All I have to say is click that read more button!

23547972See, what did I tell you! I told you more information will be released tonight! Never doubt me people! “Ugh, Kanaissa what’s up with the excitement?” Yeah, I know, but it’s…B.A.P. Okay, let’s move on, so I made a bet with my sister on what the concept may be from what Daehyun showed us. I thought that it will be a hardcore ballad song and she thought otherwise. She didn’t exactly give me a concept idea, but she disagreed on what I said. Who was right? *Drum roll* I WAS…I think.


From what AllKpop gather today the song they are releasing on January 15th is called, “Sound of Rain,” not really a tough bad boy song title, but it’s B.A.P we’re talking about. My chances on winning the bet were getting higher compare to my sister, but I did say hardcore ballad, so that hardcore part lowered my chances  a bit. As I said above, it’s B.A.P we’re talking about. They turned “Crash” into a cutesy song, so “Sound of Rain” could be hardcore, right? Wrong, this song is an emotional hip hop track. What does that even mean? I don’t know, but I’m excepting some profound words from the leader!

I don’t know who won the bet, but it most likely me because I did say ballad! They’re releasing this song prior to releasing their mini album in February. It’s basically like a snippet, so that we would save our money until February to buy the album. I guess, I’ll be doing that! Who’s excited about next week?


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