2PM Released Video Teaser For “Legend of 2PM”

I think their album title is enough to click that read more button. They’re legends and a legend doesn’t need any introduction, but if you need that extra push you get to see Nichkhun’s full lips! So what are you waiting for?

2pmI’m so glad you press that button! You’ve made the right choice, let the games begin! No reference at all to ‘Saw’ because there’s no torture  in this trailer, but if it relates to your feels…let the games begin!

How was that for a video teaser!? They went all Romans on us didn’t they? If I recall correctly from my history class, the Romans didn’t wear full black suits, but were shirtless with a skirt. I don’t know maybe history wasn’t my strong point, but I get the concept. Romans were legends in their own way, so the concept fits. They even have a crest, but isn’t that like old England thing…again don’t trust my history knowledge.

tumblr_mfx50bAKbp1rltutfo1_500Their FULL album, yeah it has 13 tracks on it,will be released February 13th! Basically, another month for the wait! Man, that’s to looooooonnnnnngggggg!!!!!! Also, this is 2PM’s second Japanese album. They’ve been really popular in Japan last year, so I guess promoting and releasing an album over there will add more to the accomplishment list. More accomplishment=more cash!

Stay tune for more on 2PM! Sorry, I have to post this picture. You’ll thank me later!12841-e688iebon6


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