Happy Birthday to the January 10th Babies!

Gosh, I love one of the idols today! He sounds like a real ghetto black diva! Check out who he is!

tumblr_mbjvwniTIJ1rvwyyyo1_500Happy birthday to Gajin! She turns 25 years old today and she’s a member of JQT. You know how hair stylists are suppose to know symmetry before cutting ones hair? Yeah, I didn’t know it either until I saw this picture. Well, I official knew that fact when I wanted to get my hair cut, BUT who cares about the when, her hair stylist knew some math!

Brian-Joo-Press-Con171-678x1024Happy birthday to Brian Joo! He turns 33 years old today and he was a member to Fly To The Sky, but is now a solo singer! I love this dude! He’s TOO funny for his own good especially when he does the impersonation of black ghetto girls. *Again, I’m black and I have some rights to say this* Don’t believe me? Check out this video below!



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