B.A.P Comeback Spoiler Featuring Zelo!

Oh my goodness! *Dies* Ah, B.A.P is doing way too much to me! What kills me this time? No, it’s not Zelo crying or anything.

23547972It’s totally because Zelo is crying! I cannot help it! It’s like your moma feels control you when something bad or dangerous happens to Zelo. Allow me to post the picture because some may not know what the heck I’m talking about right now. Prepare yourselves!



Whoever the chick is…don’t let me find her! Lol, I think I took that a bit far. Sorry, Zelo the world isn’t such a great place, but if it’s a girl revenge can do wonders! Hold up, let me stop I don’t know the full story yet. Before I point any fingers, I need to wait for the video teaser that will be released TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness gracious lord have mercy on my soul! Yes, at 12PM KST the trailer will be released. That 9PM central time in America! Two more hours to go!

Stay tune for my reaction post and teaser!


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