B.A.P Releases “Sound of Rain” Video Teaser!

I think B.A.P is making you wait long enough let’s just roll, literally roll, right in it because that’s what you’ll be doing after you witnessed it! Plus a reaction from a very outspoken blogger and a fan from B.A.P.

My reaction is going to be a short as the teaser. I like it! Until next time– Naw, I’m playing I’ll write my reaction, but they didn’t give me a lot! I thought of so many scenarios in my head in those 21 seconds that it doesn’t even make any sense. The girl they love could have died, they (B.A.P) could have died, the girl is sick, or anything along those lines. Yup, anything involves an ambulance isn’t so great and then if YongGuk wrote it…well let’s just say the first two scenarios isn’t a far cry. How do you guys feel about their makeup? Yeah, it’s totally dramatic  for my taste, but I only had a millisecond view of them. Regardless, it was too much eyeliner around those eyes. I don’t know, I just don’t like when idols cake on so much makeup where they feel as if it’s a necessity in their everyday lives.

I’ll see you guy around this time Monday, okay? Until next time!


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