Se7en to Enlist into the Military after Japanese Concerts!

Se7en’s time has finally come. When exactly will he enter the military? All I know is that February isn’t all cutesy as we want it to be.

80676764I would make a joke, but some K-pop fans are TOO sensitive especially when an idol goes into the military. I’ll avoid all that right now, but this post is way late. Way way way late and I’m sorry for that. *Bows*

Se7en’s final Japanese concert before enlisting is February 7th and 8th in Tokyo and February 16th and 17th in Kobe. There’s also talks of him releasing a Korean single and holding a concert in Korea. Well, he must do everything before he goes and his fans will need that to keep them company for 2 years.

images (7)Aw, well Se7en whenever you go, be safe!! If you have a girlfriend take her picture with you, so you will not violate your free time like Rain! Good luck!


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