B.A.P Releases “Rain Sound” MV!

Yes, I’ve been waiting for this since last week and the time has come! Want to know why Bang is angry, Himchan with tears in his eye (literally they did not fall), Daehyun judging the camera, Youngjae looking in to the abyss, Jongup looking like a thug, or Zelo crying? Well, click that pretty button right here! 

Hold on, people! I need to rest for a second. *Rolls on floors into the abyss*  OH MY GOODNESS! I cannot explain how I feel about this! My feels are ALL OVER the place. The moment I saw Yongguk it was over like I stop breathing until it was over. This music video is SO GOOD is that I was freaking fangirling in front of my laptop screen. Side note, I couldn’t even spell screen of a moment. That’s how flabbergasted I am.

B.A.P_Rain_SoundAppearance. They all have grey hair! First, blonde now grey, or I think it’s grey. Can I say that you can put a freaking rainbow color in their hair and they will still look good. Goodness and their outfits. Ugh, I don’t think I can continue on. This is seriously a GREAT music video, but I will continue. TS Entertainment did say to look out for their outfits and they were right. The black and the white were just too much, especially Yongguk’s white outfit!

jh6obsThe song/video. At first I was pretty skeptical about this song. I don’t know why, but I wasn’t feeling it when they released the song title. Then I saw the teaser and it lessen my judgment a bit, but I was still questioning whether they would pull off a deep dramatic music video, and let me tell you! I was hecka wrong! These boys killed it! Killed it! I just you can feel their emotion through the screen. Shoot, I don’t care if it was a pricey video because with the camera they were using you can see then feel their emotions. The chorus is also what grab me beside B.A.P themselves. I really just like the chorus. Even though, it wasn’t a happy love song, the chorus just makes your heart stop. Or am I the only one?

47050615I really really like this song and I literally cannot wait until their album drop because if they have more songs like this then shoot they WILL win more awards. I guarantee that! One more thing, who was the girl who broke their heart? Let me find her and say thank you. “Why would you say that, Kanaissa?” Well, one she’s not with them anymore and what more do you need? Ah, too immerse in the music video. I wouldn’t literally say that, but I would ask her why? Let me stop this is fictional!

Until next time!



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