Happy Birthday to the January 17th Babies!

Ah, today’s birthday idols will receive a lot of attention! One from a globally known group who recently change his figure and another who promotes non stop in Japan and Korea! Check out who they are!

We45OX93Happy birthday to Hwanhee! He turns 32 years old today and he was a member of Fly To The Sky, but is now a solo singer! He was in the same group as Brian Joo! The diva himself! I wonder how these two acted together?

gayeonHappy birthday to Gayeon! She turns 25 years old today and she’s a member of HAM! I think I talked about this group name before…matter of fact I did! It’s time for Gayeon to go HAM!!! And by HAM, I mean Heart and Mind. Yes, that’s what HAM stands for to her and her members.

kiseop1Happy birthday too Lee Kiseop! He turns 23 years old today and he’s a member of  U-Kiss! If you haven’t heard of U-Kiss, please (please) just go somewhere. These boys have more comebacks than B.A.P! I don’t know why, but somehow they’re still consider as rookies even though they debut like 2 years ago. What’s up with that? Best wishes for Kiseop!

490311Happy birthday to Kangin! He turns 29 years old today and he’s a member of Super Junior! Kangin had been in the news a lot lately these last couple of months. One, AllKpop decided to put together Kangin’s and TOP’s face together and two apparently he lost a lot of weight. Well, now he he can gain a couple of pound by eating a delicious cake for his b-day! Uh, will the fans allow it though? By fans, I mean society?

For those who haven’t seen the Kangin and TOP picture!


Until next time!

Kangin (Super Junior) – Jan 17, 1985


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