Jaejoong Releases “Mine” MV! Also includes Teaser + My Reaction!

JYJ fans are probably rejoicing at the start of the year because of Jaejoong’s comeback, but is it worth the wait? Did the bondage and goth/emo theme kept you watching the whole MV? Well? Come along and check out my reaction!

Picture2I’m sorry you guys! I really don’t follow TVQX and JYJ like that, so this is really late. Extremely, late taking how most of you probably seen this MV and teaser already. The music video is literally over 600,000 views after a day. Just ONE day. Allow me show you how big this is. Infinite H released ‘Special Girl’ like a week ago and it’s at 700,000+ views. Yeah, a week compare to a day. JYJ holds A LOT of power among the K-pop world. Here’s the teaser.

The teaser is a lot more tamed than the MV I can tell you that. Yes, I went backwards. I looked at the MV first then the teaser. So, here’s the MV!

Yeah, this video made me questioned whether if I wanted to continue or not. Seriously, I wanted to stop halfway through the video, but since it was Jaejoong I stayed. I thought that there would have been something that would keep me there, you know like a good bridge or something. Though, there was none. The song did nothing for me, but the weird video did. Where in the world will you see animals in super slo mo? Oh, Drake did in ‘Take Care,’ but he didn’t run toward a bunch of crows though. Drake wasn’t bound to some metal thing with a mouth piece. Drake didn’t cover his face with diamonds. Only Jaejoong would do stuff like this, well G-Dragon could have, but that’s not the point. Jaejoong owned this concept. He made it his own.

vlcsnap-1192335Now the fans. Of course there will be the fans that will like anything this man puts out and I don’t have a problem with that, but I wonder who actually liked the song. I think it would be easy for rock and roll fans to get into it, but what about other people who don’t particularly like rock and roll? I don’t know, it was kind of weird to me. Dark, demonic, and creepy kind of weird. I think Jaejoong knows what he’s doing because like I said blind fans will like anything he puts out and he will get some cash flow with this song. No matter how creepy it is.

Until next time!


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