27th Golden Disk Award Day 2 Performances!

Yup. Yup. Yup. Do you guys want to see G-Dragon’s new hair color?  L.Joe speaking English? TS Family colabo? Well, what are you waiting for press that—> button!

tumblr_mgo7wzOm0G1rdkqqbo1_500MC Special Stage (credit: Kpopstreamonline)

Big Bang/ G-Dragon (credit: Kpopstreamonline)

F(x) Performance + Award (credit: Kpopstreamonline)

Huh Gak Performance + Awards (credit: Kpopstreamonline)

K Will Performance + Awards (credit Kpopstreamonline)

Miss A Performance + Awards (credit: Kpopstreamonline)

Psy Awards (credit: Kpopstreamonline)

SECRET Performances + Awards (credit: Kpopdtreamonline)

SISTAR Performance + Awards (credit: Kpopstreamonline)

T-ara Performances + Awards (credit: Kpopstreamonline)

B.A.P Performances + Awards (credit: Kpopstreamonline)

Aliee Performances + Awards (credit: Kpopstreamonline)

Lee Hi Performances + Awards (credit: Kpopstreamonline)

Epik High Performance + Awards (credit: Kpopstreamonline)

Teen Top Performances + Awards (credit: Kpopstreamonline)

Special Stage B.A.P/ SECRET (credit: Kpopstreamonline)

Special Stage K Will/ Hyorin (credit: Kpopstreamonline)

Special Stage Miss A/ T-ara (credit: Kpopstreamonline)

Ending (credit: Kpopstreamonline)

*NOTE: The livestream did NOT provide all the performances! Only have the performances that was shown on the live stream! If you want to see the performances that were not shown I highly suggest you go to the artist fanbase and see if they have it!*

Until Next Time!









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