27th Golden Disk Awards Performances+ Award Speeches!

Did any of you watch the GDA performances this morning? I sure didn’t because I went to sleep at 7 in the morning while it came on at 8 in the morning. I could have stayed up, but…no I need A LOT of beauty sleep. I’m going to look at day 2 performances though! Yeah, B.A.P is going to be there and it starts about 20 minutes. Well, when this goes up probably not, but check out these performances!

tumblr_mgo7wzOm0G1rdkqqbo1_500Opening (credit: kpopstreamonline)

Super Junior Performance + Award (credit: Krisbrows04/kpopstreamonline)

CN Blue Performances + Awards (credit: Kpopstreamonline)

Kara (credit: Kpopstreamonline)

SHINee Performance +Award (credit: Krisbrows04)

Beast Performances + Awards (credit: Viva Yong)

INFINITE Performances + Awards (credit: Kikanim)

B1A4 Performances + Awards (credit: Kpopstreamonline)

EXO Performances + Awards (credit: Krisbrows04/ boonyii91)

Special stages BtoB, B1A4, EXO (credit: Kpopstreamonline)

Juniel Performances + Awards (credit: Kpopstreamonline)

Trouble Maker Performances + Awards (credit: Viva Long)

BtoB Performances + Awards (credit: Kpopstreamonline)

FT Island Performances + Awards (credit: Kpopstreamonline)

4Minute Performance + Awards (credit: Kpopstreamonline)

Golden Disk Producer Award – Han Seung Ho (FNC Entertainment) (credit: Kpopstreamonline)







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