B.A.P’s Controversial Picture!

Wait, WHAT??? Who were in this controversial picture? Who were B.A.P with? Is the picture really controversial? My profound reaction here! *Note: It involves girls in bikinis!*

What the heck is going on? Seriously, what’s the problem with 2013 for K-pop idols? Though, this isn’t really a scandal more like the fans is making it into a scandal. Have you seen the picture? No, well here you go!



I hope you are asking, “This is a scandal? No way,” and your right this shouldn’t be a scandal. I don’t know what’s wrong with this picture, but the “Babies” are going crazy after this hit the internet. Why? I particularly don’t know, but it’s probably have to do with the girls. As you can see, they’re really pretty with some boobs. I hope that wasn’t inappropriate, but it’s the truth. These girls is probably the type that B.A.P lust for. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that. Seriously, these girls are doing the same with B.A.P. I  think they’re mad because of how they look. They’re probably thinking, “well if that’s what they like then I have no chance.” Something along those lines and that’s pitiful. It wasn’t guaranteed that they were going to date you in the first place, so to be mean to B.A.P is stupid. What you should do is look at the mirror and be mean to yourself for acting this way. Stop with your insecurities and definitely stop sending them hurtful tweets. tumblr_lokumvgwM51qjhrdao1_400

So what exactly are they doing? Well, they are sending them tweets saying, ” We’re disappointed oppa” “I’m crying” and “You prefer these sluts instead of a pure girl?” Nonsense like that and they DIRECTLY sent that to them. They even sent a message to Zelo telling him that, “You shouldn’t be like your hyungs” *Hyungs= older brother/what young boys call older boys* They sent that to the baby and he wasn’t even in the picture, so why even send something like that to him? See, that’s why he’s scared of people because they can hurt him. And these so called fans sending hateful tweets to him and his bandmates that can possibly hurt him. All I’m saying is that these little girls need to stop because to show your “disappointment” towards B.A.P for taking pictures with girls then they shouldn’t take pictures with no fans. How would you feel if that was the solution of this problem? I don’t think you will like it that much. Shoot, you already can’t take pictures of them at their first solo concert as it is, and now this?

tumblr_m8ffc04g9P1qmkb9nMy reaction to the picture was way different than these girls. At first, I did do a double take because it was something unexpected, but a second later I was like, “They like girls with color on them with some meat!” Seriously, that’s how I took it, but as I was scrolling down I was getting sad. I was sad at the fact that these girls are sending B.A.P these tweets and not thinking twice about it. I was sad because I knew B.A.P was going to be sad. It’s their fans who makes them, so to lose them over something stupid makes me sad. They are K-pop idols and must do what the fans say, but I think it’s time for a group to speak up. These little girls should NOT control their lives to the point that they cannot take pictures with pretty girls. It’s just not right. Now, this is my warning. If any of them decides to take down their twitter or instagram, I will be upset. It’s like you don’t understand how upset I’ll be. You “fans” need to stop before you’ll regret the actions that will be place in the future because of your stupidity.



9 thoughts on “B.A.P’s Controversial Picture!

  1. Anonymous :3 says:

    How did they even meet these girls anyways? xD

  2. yhk says:

    What’s wrong? I don’t see the need for some fans to be so mean towards their own idols! I mean I remember this scene in the beginning of One shot mv. & seriously what is wrong w/taking photos w/those girls? It’s normal for their age to have some interest for girls like them NOT SLUTS OKAY. Maybe it’s the starting of their friendship,who knows?

    • I think the main problem was that they had great bodies, but I totally agree with you. Jealously is an ugly thing. And another thing is that WE DON’T KNOW. These “fans” think that they can analyze a picture and know exactly what the hell is going on. Seriously, it doesn’t work that way.

  3. sbhearts says:

    I find it funny how like 2 months later we all saw the music video for their comeback. I bet those girls were like O_O and crying for days about what they did if they felt any guilt. I didn’t even see that picture till today!

    • I don’t think they were crying. I bet they found it just as funny as we do. I’m surprise that this is your first time seeing it…but when I was first looking for it I had a hard time, so that’s why I had this post, but to also talk about this “controversial picture”.

  4. antonella says:

    Those fans need to get a life , I mean those fans are really inmature how digusting, b.a.p has to be happy they should enjoy some of those girl ♥♥

  5. ari says:

    I can’t believe those fans sent hateful tweets like that, I mean come on what’s wrong with you so what if they took a picture with these girls it only shows that they like girls with color and some meat on them. Those fans are very insecure you should learn how to take things easy really what’s wrong with you. I fell bad for zelo no wonder he’s scared of people.

  6. ellijen Jahan says:

    Wow I had no idea this went on. But not a surprise. It seems that the fans run the idols in Korea unfortunately. Part of it is that they may be immature due to age or perhaps because the culture is modest. As Kpop becomes more global and the idols have to mingle with many non-Korean fans, they have to adapt. I don’t think B.A.P. alone can do it change the attitude, but the industry needs to work to make the fans grow up a little. Also this was from One Shot mv, so taking pics with the cast is perfectly normal. Koreans fans need to understand. It’s not like they were hugging them or something. Poor B.A.P.

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