Happy Birthday to the January 24th Babies!

Goodness gracious mother of God! Today is a birthday from my favorite group! His group sold out their first solo concert within 10 minutes and were also involved in a scandal! Do you know who he is? Let me tell you! Just click that —>

tumblr_lzm67bJfbb1r3tok8o3_1280Happy birthday to Minyoung! He turns 25 years old today and he’s a member of Twi-light! You know what needs to happen since Jaejoong released his weird music video right? Twi-light and Jaejoong need to come together! His music video would actually make sense if he had the members of Twi-light in it. Right, because he did kind of turn…into…a vampire. No? Well, I tried.

Youngjae4Now, the birthday I’ve been waiting for (not really, but!) wanting to post have arrived! I would like to say happy birthday to the brain of B.A.P, Yoo Youngjae! WOOT WOOT!! Youngjae turns 20 years old today and I guess over in Korea 20 years old is the United States 18 year old. Yup, Youngjae is an adult! Yup, it’s about time for TS Entertainment to call for some bodyguards! Happy Birthday Youngjae!







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