Daebak Koreans Reached 10,000 Views!

No, need to click the read more button. I cannot explain in words how happy I am! Oh what the heck, it wouldn’t be a normal post if I don’t make a cleverly lame tactic to make to you read more. So why don’t you! Click that –>tumblr_m8qusmFFL41qk7jgbThis blog is truly a blessing! I won’t go into the history of it because I started in what? August of 2012? Yeah, there’s no history here…yet, but I am thankful for what I have now. To reach 10,000 views in six months isn’t a joke. I may post a lot of birthday posts, but it’s a way for me to know other groups because coming into this blog I only knew (really knew) Big Bang, Beast, Shinee, and 2PM. Yeah, seriously those were the only ones, but now I know more. My biggest discovery was B.A.P. I’m SOOOO happy that I’ve found a young group like them. I can watch these 6 boys grow into something great because they are great. There’s no need to look at their awards, but at their personality. Though, you can look at their awards if you want to because there’s a lot  of them. Ugh, what am I doing? It’s not like B.A.P are going to see this, plus I’ve right now I need to make amends.

tumblr_lm32zjF6aN1qkasxqo1_400When I reached 4,000 views, I made a post on the accomplishment, but I also made a promise. Yeah, it took me five months to get to 4,000 views, so I said, “by 10,000 views I would like to interview any K-pop idol.” It’s not really a promise, but it was a goal that I fail to meet. I wanted to interview a  K-pop artist, but how can I? Google Translate is untrustworthy, I don’t personally know a Korean who can translate things for me, and I sure don’t know Korean yet. So, I’m at a huge disadvantage, but I was seriously going to find a way around that, but I thought I was going to have time to do that. Let me show you the numbers. Five months = 4,000 views. Six weeks and a day = 6,000 views! I’m not upset with that, far from it, but I guess I need to make this goal a bit higher. How about 100,000 views? Yeah, that sounds like a good plan. So, by 100,000 views I WISH that I can interview a K-pop idol!

Well, I guess I had a lot to say, but I’ll end this with a thank you! *Bows* Thank you guys! *Click to make work! We need to talk WordPress*



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