Eat Your Kimchi Review on Rain Sound + My Reaction!

Ah, Simon and Martha, you’ve done it again! You guys have done pissed off some Babies. What did they say? What concept should B.A.P should stay in? Want to hear a fellow Baby’s reaction? It involves bold letters!

So, before I came here I decided to look at the EYK review on Rain Sound. Once that was out the way, I didn’t know what to think. I want to be all, “It’s his opinion and blah blah blah,” but that’s hard to do right now. I mean, that first 2 minutes is the 2 minutes that I will never get back. I don’t care that you like upbeat music get to the point! Seriously, what do you think! In my journalism class, that would have been cut. *Sorry, just got out of that class and is still in that mindframe* He could have did that video in what 3 minutes, but decided to spout his judgment on what B.A.P is suppose to do.

B.A.P_Rain_SoundYes, Warrior, Power, and No Mercy were hardcore songs, but you cannot stick to that concept forever. I bet you this much, if they had continue Simon and Martha would have said that the concept is played out, so what do you do then? Seriously, to be known as a group that can ONLY do hardcore music isn’t cool. The group should be diverse in any concept. Plus, I don’t think Rain Sound is too whiny, I think that there still some hardcore-ness in it. *That’s not even a word…I don’t think* And Simon may be right about the acting, but last time I check they are artists not actors. Plus, a great actor isn’t great from the get go, so that statement of his is pointless.

jh6obsOne last point, do Simon even own any B.A.P albums? Clearly he does not because B.A.P always, ALWAYS, has at least one ballad song on their CD. Secret love, Voice message, It’s all lies, Happy Birthday, etc. So, it’s not like B.A.P haven’t done  it before. I’m done. Seriously, I am! Hopefully, this makes sense as I said before…just got out of Journalism.

I wrote that on a forum that I am active in and decided to share my thoughts with you all. Now, I will try to go deeper, but I think I’ve pretty much said it above. Oh wait, I forgot about the comment section below. Yeah, I always look at those comments. The comments tells you if you if they’re real fans of B.A.P or haters. Well, today there were a whole lot of pretenders. This is how they would start off, “I’m a fan of B.A.P, but I really don’t like this concept! They’re blending in with the others. They need to go back to their bad-a** concept!” These, my friends, aren’t REAL fans because for one ever since their debut they had released a ballad song right after Warrior. That song is called Secret Love.  Two, as I said above, their album always has a ballad song on there. Three, I just don’t like pretenders, or wishy washy fans. These people are paper in the wind. It goes where they current takes them. The current happens to be Simon.

Okay, now I’m done. Finish. Fini. All I’m saying is that in the future do NOT vote for B.A.P on Eat Your Kimchi. Okay, because they only like a certain style of theirs when B.A.P are dimensional. Until next time!


3 thoughts on “Eat Your Kimchi Review on Rain Sound + My Reaction!

  1. Brittankins says:

    Thank you! People need to understand that if you’re really a B.A.P, you leave them out of Eat your kimchi, who once again felt the need to talk down about B.A.P for 1004.
    By the way, I love your blog! It’s really nice to find a place that has so much B.A.P, since I’m a diehard fan!

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