Infinite H Releases Without You MV!

Move over Special Girl! Without You is taking your place! Nothing says sexy, when two sexy men dancing in suits, right! Or a skull in red paint…right?

Ah, I knew that they were going to release a video to this song. That first teaser weren’t for nothing because that’s money wasted if they hadn’t did a music video! So, what do I think about it? Hm, I think they should have released it before Special Girl because I think this would have appealed a lot more people to Infinite H. The only reason why Special Girl is getting a lot of attention because Hoya and Dongwoo are doing aegyo. That’s the only reason because Special Girl didn’t stick to me when I first heard it as Without You did. Hopefully, you caught that because now I like that song, Special Girl, I told you it will take me fives times to like it. Wait, what am I doing?

20130106_infinite_hWithout You, the beat of that song reminds me of old school hip hop. It’s makes you want to bounce your shoulders like in Infinite H’s Victorious Way. Nothing ever goes wrong when you want to bounce your shoulders. The dancing…yup the dancing was boom shakalaka. Sorry, that is the only word that’s appropriate for this blog. Lol, thanks TOP! You’re a life saver! Pay attention to that BOOM, okay?


The music video was artsy. Seriously, there’s an art term for a black and white background with the subject wearing colorful clothes, but taken how I am a journalism major I wouldn’t exactly know the term. It goes to show that I paid attention in art class…somewhat. But yes, the music video was simple, but Hoya and Dongwoo made the simple music video into something with their rapping. Let me not forget Zion T, he made Without You banging. I don’t particularly like rap music, but add in some R&B I’ll be jamming to it. Hoya ? Dongwoo? I think you guys are going to around for some time aside from Infinite! Good Job!

Until next time!


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