Sasaeng Fans attacks B.A.P!

WHAT? What did this girl do? Who was the member who got attacked? Why is it being revealed all of a sudden? Is it true or not? That with my reaction here! Himchan’s fans warning before you click that button

20120828_bap_crash-600x400Oh My Goodness! When I’ve read this statement I was seriously shocked. For one, the fact that this incident happened in April of 2012, but is now in the public eye is concerning. First, read what she did:

“So the girl who posted the original screen capture where we learned of this sasaeng explained more about this sasaeng fan. The text exchanges say that this sasaeng was able to enter the music stations (to give the drink to Himchan) because her father knows some PDs around so she has connections, and apparently she is rich. She even gave money to those people who don’t have enough money to go to BAP’s concert, so the OP was surprised why this “Yeo-shin Unni” (nickname of the sasaeng fan involved) is doing these things because she thought this Unni was nice and all. It also turned out that when BABYs learned of this event, they were pushing the blame to BANAs (B1A4 fans). To what extent, I am guessing only a little, since it didn’t escalate that much. But this sasaeng was only a BANA for while before she moved on to be a sasaeng to BAP. And before b1A4, she was also a sasaeng to Infinite when they were rookies. She would wait in Infinite’s waiting rooms and steal phones and clothes (L and Dongwoo’s names are thrown here). But since Infinite is quite high level now, she moved on to newer groups (B1A4), then to a newer group, BAP *easier preys*. Now since Dongwoo is active again, she always comes to music stations to see him (next target?).
And oh, she’s 21 years old, apparently. There is this part where she’s supposed to give the drugged drink to Gongchan, but because he’s too young (I guess to suffer that?), she just gave it to Himchan because she likes faces like Himchan, and this girl had the courage to say, “What could be good for next time?”. (excuse me while I go barf up….) When BAP went up the stage, she was cheering like a fan, being nice to everyone, when she knew what is hapening. She even had a proof shot (a coffee that is drank) too, they say.”

See, this type of stuff that should have been released right when it happened because that’s a criminal charge. There’s no possible way that mess would have happened in America. No way! “Well, Kanaissa it’s Korea.” I. Don’t. Care. That shouldn’t happened, but sadly it does. Why? I many say it’s because of their company, that the company brush it off because they’re “fans” who buys their materials. Can I just bang my head into a wall? That’s a sick way of getting some cash. I bet you they would be pressing charges if the idol dies, but why does it have to go that far to show you that these girls are out of control?

tumblr_lokumvgwM51qjhrdao1_400Here’s the crazy thing, we don’t know if this is true or not. Let me just put that out there. “So why blog about it, Kanaissa?” Who would make up stuff like this though? That’s what you got to ask yourself. If this girl is looking for a creative writing award, then she needs a different topic instead of a topic that could possibly be true. These sasaeng fans are being taken lightly on something dangerous. A person’s life can be harmed just so they can have a sort of high. Also, if this isn’t true whoever created this needs to just…go off into an abyss.

tumblr_m9oqdo8XnF1r2anpfOne last thing, this girl attacked two other groups before B.A.P. I think that’s all I need to say because that key information is important. It’s important because she didn’t get caught and she’s practically bragging about her accomplishment. Also since she didn’t get caught it allows her to believe that she can do it again and again. To me if these sasaeng fans get charge, I bet these things would stop. If the company isn’t going to say anything the normal DOMESTIC fans should. Fans overseas cannot do anything about it, which indefinitely gives us the right to blog and comment about it online, but domestic fans should do what the company isn’t which is reporting the crime. Hey, maybe I’m putting to much pressure on domestic fans, but talking about something that isn’t right, but not doing anything about it isn’t helping anybody. If I was over there and witness a sasaeng being stupid then I would snitch on her. I don’t care what anybody says, they are harming a human being. No matter how high you praise these idols, they are still human.

Until next time!

P.S: Note this is just my opinion. If you don’t like it then it’s on you.


5 thoughts on “Sasaeng Fans attacks B.A.P!

  1. ugh so scary! i just wish there was a way to protect our dear groups from psychos like those ><

  2. Random Person says:

    A sasaeng once gave Yunho a drink with glue in it and he had to go to the hospital to get his stomach pumped. Number 1 reason why managers never EVER let any edibles get to idols now.

  3. Hashini says:

    Ok that’s sounds really bad. I’m still really confused though. So if Himchan was drugged what do you mean by ‘she was smiling and cheering like a real fan but she knew what was going on’. What did she do other than drugging Himchan.

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