B.A.P’s Bang Yongguk creates Tumblr Account and Releases a Clip!

Welp, I guess it’s time to create another blogging account! Are Babies rejoicing or beating themselves up about Bang joining? Need his username to follow him? All that right here and a listen to his own music bite!

Bang-Yong-Guk-bang-yong-guk-32258964-350-375Can I say that Bang is my number one bias in the K-pop world? Really, this man just does unexpected things. Creates an instagram and now a Tumblr account. *Faints* I wonder why he didn’t create a WordPress account? It’s almost the same, oh right he would have to pay to directly put his music on HIS blog. Yes, I totally understand Bang. WordPress, up your game! You could have gotten a great K-pop rapper on your site! If he had gotten a WordPress account, it would have saved a lot of Babies “hard work.” What do I mean? The Babies are in a rush to hide all of their post with the tags BangHim or BangLo in them. Nasty fans they are. They’re upset when B.A.P take a picture with girls, but promote boy on boy action when they’re straight. BangHim is a combination of Bang Yongguk’s name and Himchan’s name, duh, but it’s a couple name. You know what goes with a couple’s name, right? In BangHim case, it’s a whole lot of dirty sexual jokes. I’m telling ya, these fans can be the best at times, but they can also be creepy. So, that’s why the Babies are in panic mode. They are afraid that Bang will view them as creepy people then eventually deleting his Tumblr account. All I have to say is that, he BETTER NOT delete his Tumblr account!

20110816_bangyongguk_bts_2Another thing, Bang must be extremely good in English taken how Tumblr is majority an American site. Well, they do have Japanese as one of their language option, but I just going to think that he’s good in English. Now, the song. It’s a very short, dark, and scary song. It’s only for like 1:30, but you can feel his emotions in those 1:30. I really can’t describe it, but it’s just dark that it makes me worry. I get that fans are like, “This song is good blah blah blah,” but what is the message? Why put an eerie beat to the song? I don’t know maybe   it means nothing, but it’s Bang we’re talking about and he always write about something.

With not further adieu here’s Sacramental Confession by Bang Yonnguk! Here’s the link to his blog!

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