Happy Early Birthday to the February 2nd Babies!

Whoa, this is new. I never really did an early birthday before. Technically, it’s not an early birthday taken how it’s like 10:49 am in S.Korea. So, really it’s already their birthday, but I tend to post it on American time so that I won’t confuse the readers. But today’s a special day for the TS Family, the BBCs and WGM folks! Know who they are? 

tumblr_ll4710DTCs1qag05yo1_400Happy early birthday to Kim Sori! She will turn 29 years old tomorrow and she’s a solo singer!

imagesHappy early birthday to Victoria! She will turn 27 years old tomorrow and she’s a member of F(x)! Now, I didn’t like her at first for obvious reasons. She was paired up with Nichkhun on We Got Married. I didn’t like that whatsoever, Nichkhun was like my very first bias! He was on the level as what Bang is right now, so of course I didn’t like it, but it changed once I got my head wrapped around that K-pop stars doesn’t date outside their bubble. No, actually it was because–whoa this really doesn’t matter. Anyways, I now like Victoria, and that’s all that matters! To make amends here’s a WGM video! 

h3Happy early birthday to Zinger! She will turn 24 years old tomorrow and she’s a member of SECRET! She was recently clear to be able to perform with her members on stage! Which is indefinitely a good thing because now she can celebrate her birthday without feeling in pain! Now, that’s a blessing.

p.o blockb 2Happy early birthday to P.O! P.O will turn 21 years old tomorrow and he’s a member of the infamous, but now famous group, Block B. As we all know, Block B is suing their company Stardom, so I wonder will he have a great birthday. I hope so, because no B.S. should keep you from celebrating another year! Block B Fighting! P.O HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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