Are Idol Groups Becoming Irrelevant?

I cannot believe I’ve made a K-pop blog if idol groups are becoming outdated! Are they really irrelevant? Do you think Super junior or Big Bang are going to be extinct in the K-pop world? My thoughts on this right here.

20120627_seoulbeats_superjunior1This is a topic that I’ve been seeing a lot lately on AllKpop, on forums, and in comments. Why are idol groups becoming irrelevant in K-pop? I particularly don’t know because they’re pretty popular internationally, but I guess domestically in S.Korea girls are meh to it. I guess it too banal over there or that there’s TOO many idol groups. Which they’re are, I mean last year alone there were over 50 (keeping it safe) rookie groups out there and how many survived the year? B.A.P, EXO, BTOB, Tasty, Aliee, Lee Hi, A-Jax, Busker Busker, Juniel and Nu’Est. Those are the only ones who made it, but who’s extremely popular though? Busker Busker, Aliee, Juniel, and Lee Hi and how are they different? They’re solo artists except for Busker Busker, but they have a different feel to them compare to idol groups. These artists songs sold well digitally and physically that they outdid B.A.P and EXO COMBINED in sells, so what’s going to happen to the idol groups in S.Korea?

20120828_bap_crash-600x400Here’s my prediction: They are just going to have to promote in international countries. What other choice is there? If idol groups aren’t getting any recognition in their home country then why promote there? Yes, I understand it’s their country, but I don’t like the fact that they’re spending time away from their parents training extremely hard, then get no results. It’s like you’re going to college and spends over $100,000 on your education, but work at a fast food joint. Do you see where I’m going? I don’t like comparing, but these idols went against their parent’s will to do music. And if they’re music is not being heard in S. Korea, but is heard in Japan, America, South America, Europe, etc where do you think they should promote in? All I’m saying is that B.A.P’s songs have been in the German Music Chart since forever. Literally, ‘Crash’ and ‘Stop It’ is STILL on the charts and EXO, they’re extremely popular in the UK. Now, is Busker Busker popular internationally? I don’t think so because the first time I’ve heard of them is when they won an award at the MAMA. Sad, I know, but that should tell you something. Maybe they’re known internationally, but they aren’t popular as the idol groups.

Big-Bang-Monster-1024x706All I’m saying that if Idol groups are getting unpopular in S.Korea then they should promote elsewhere. Because Idol groups aren’t getting unpopular it’s just that S.Korea is used to them. But, I bet you this: Once these idol groups promote nonstop in different countries S.Korea will want their idol groups back. No, I’m being so serious. Just have G-Dragon, Lee Hi, Busker Busker, and Aliee for about a year and a half and I bet they’ll get sick of them like the idol groups. I don’t know it just feel as if S.Koreans do not appreciate what they have. They can have the best of both worlds, solo singers and idol groups. In America, yes boy/girl bands aren’t popular (they’re practically non existent), but they did not entirely make up the music industry as they do in S.Korea. Just take away Super Junior, Big Bang, JYJ, TVXQ, Beast, SHINee, SNSD, KARA, T-ara, and Sistar then what do you have? No, disrespect to other artists, but these groups made S.Korea known. For those who doesn’t follow the politics, most people probably have group together the two Koreas, but since the idols groups we know that S.Korea is peaceful. And you know what, now people want to visit their country.

206336_443907558994545_546841494_nWhat I’m saying is that do not write off the idol groups. Yes, some aren’t meant to be, but appreciate the groups that are trying to survive. There are so many people who would like to be in S.Koreans position. To be able to understand the language, to support their favorite idols in person instead through a screen, to be able to see award programs at a decent hour instead of 3 in the morning, and just to be able to see them period. Ah jeez, kind of went overboard, but these are my opinions and if you  don’t agree that’s fine. Just don’t show it here, it’s a school blog and I don’t want to be ignorant on here.

Until next time!

5 thoughts on “Are Idol Groups Becoming Irrelevant?

  1. Kdrama&More says:

    ooh they could could count my vote for them to promote here, if S.Korea doesn’t want them then I do! I’ll work overtime just to go to their concerts here,lol

  2. I know right, but we all know that that will never happen though.

  3. EarlMarch says:

    Incredibly G-Dragon unpopular there? I would love to support my favourite stars in person..

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