[Rumored] B.A.P’s 2nd Mini Album Tracklist!

Ah, yup just before you click it’s going to be worth the initial price and shipping price. That’s all you need to know people! Seriously. Really. Just click that button.

B.A.P_Rain_SoundEven if this is rumored, I think the album is going to go back to their old days. Man, why do I think that a year is a long time? But,  it’s going to be good. The reason why I think, and other Babies thinks, that it’s a rumor is because it wasn’t released through TS Entertainment. “Ugh. Kanaissa, why blog about it?” Because it COULD be true. I’m putting a lot of trust in this, but TS is really secretive about B.A.P’s concept until the teaser comes out. So….let’s just see what the tracks are.

BAP Album ‘One Shot’ (credit: @tsbaby) *I highly suggest for B.A.P fans to follow this account. Here’s the link!*


1. Punch

2. One Shot (Title Track)

3. 빗소리(Rain Sound)

4. Coma

5. Zero

Again, this is rumored, but I kind of trust tsbaby. I’m just being safe. But look at the titles, Punch, One Shot, and Zero. I think those are hardcore songs. Simon, I guess you are getting what you ask for…, but as you can see Rain Sound is on the album. Ah, I cannot wait to get the album!

B.A.P official comeback is set for Mid-February. I guess around Valentine’s Day!



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